One Bite at a Time

Don’t get ­hung up on how huge the task is ahead.

 One of my professors asked our class a question, “How do you eat an elephant?”

 The whole class responded unanimously, “One bite at a time.”

 That’s what most of us were taught to use as a defense mechanism in an effort to avoid the sense of feeling overwhelmed.

 I chuckled a bit and the professor asked me what was so funny. I said “Why not just have a cookout?”

 The class burst into laughter, then they stopped and started to reflect, and realize that it was a brilliant idea.

The real problem with taking it step by step is that most people lose interest and end up quitting. They get so sick of the same "elephant" taking up space in their life that they begin to come up with excuses as to why they should not continue with their project, and it never gets finished.

 Do not ever let yourself get overwhelmed or discouraged when you seem to be stagnant in your process. As huge as this "elephant" may be, DO NOT eat it one bite at a time… get HELP! Develop a team with like-minded people that you can trust, and get it done.

 If your goal is to complete the task, and you do not need all the accolades for yourself, then the "elephant" is no longer an issue.

 I suggest the next time you hear someone say, “Just eat the elephant one bite at a time,” you just chuckle and have a "cookout" instead!